My name is Jenny (Paula) Piso and I was born in Port Alberni (B.C.) Canada. When I was one year old my parents emigrated back to the Netherlands, Leeuwarden to be precise. I grew up in Friesland. From 1997 to 2001 I followed my education at the Art Academy ‘Minerva’ in Groningen.

I did my part-time studies at the art academy next to my job at an internet department of a tourism agency. Due to my broad interest, I took additional classes in photography and audio video next to my education as a graphic designer. My graduation project was a large video installation in the hall of mirrors of the USVA, Groningen.

Shortly after my graduation, I resigned from the North Netherlands Tourism Agency, and started working for FIAT in Turin and Amsterdam. As a designer and also  team leader I and the team did research and developed future scenario concepts and designs for FIAT. The project covered a number of months and was for an international R&D department of FIAT in Turin, Italy. 

In the same year that project ended other work of mine was selected and received an honorable mention with accompanying exhibition in Nagoya, Japan. The years that followed I worked as an indipendant art director and as such I was regularly hired by other companies.

A few years ago I left the world of 'applied art' and marketing and communication. Since then I have been working as an autonomous visual artist in my hometown of Leeuwarden.

About my work

I don't want to pin myself down on just one discipline. Everytime I'm in a new process it feels like sort of a a new adventure. Also I like to do research experiment and discover new options.

For example, I started working with packaging material, and I still do. That in itself is not innovative. But the way I do that is.

When you use new materials you often have to think of new ways to work with them. This means that the outcome is not predictable.

I love that.


Humor to me is also very important, that puts things into perspective. You often see that reflected in my work.


As a child who can wonder, I like to look at things. Why is that? How is that, or what is it? 

My work is often layerd, exciting and vulnerable at the same time, critical but also funny and sensitive.


BOK (Beroeps Organisatie Kunstenaars ( Professional organization artists)

FRIA kunstenaarsvereniging (Professional association of visual artists in
the Northern Netherlands)




Academie Minerva Groningen



Nominated - Forbo Krommenie Award


Honorable Mention - Design Do - Nagoya Japan













Noorderlicht - Photo series - "Double Trouble", Group exhibition, Niggendijker, Groningen

Final Exam Expo - Film installation -"Temponauten van de toekomst" - USVA, Groningen

YD+I - Concepts and Photo series - "Driven by desire" - Loods 6, Amsterdam

Nagoya design DO! The Power of Fragility - "Why not should this be a magic moment?''

- Group exhibition, Nagoya, Japan

Vredeman de Vries Prijs - Film Installation - Martinikerk, Franeker

Family Photo Award - Exhibition of the nominated photographs, De Lawei, Drachten

Fryslân Sketst #3 - Sketches - Group exhibition,Tromp Theater, Leeuwarden

Vrij naar Jan Mankes - "Veldbloemen" - Group sales exhibition Museum Belvedere, Oranjewoud

Jenny Piso en Karianne Krabbendam - Duo exhibition Gallery Artemisia, Leeuwarden

Open Werkplaats Jan Ketelaar - Group exhibition, Drachten
Kunstenaar laat je kunsten zien - Group exhibition | Gallery Westerkade, Leeuwarden

Piso & Krakou zijn niet op een dag gebouwd - Duo exhibition | Gallery Westerkade, Leeuwarden

The Colorfield Performance CH2018 - Land art project, Group exhibition, Sloten
Galerie Urinoir Bezet  - Solo exhibition, Lonneker

Expo Angerlo - Group Exhibition, Angerlo

Theater de Bres - "Jan Bakker duikt in de Bres" / interview and performance, Leeuwarden

Summer Expo 2019 - Set Up, Amsterdam

Kunstenaar laat je toekomst zien - Group exhibition | Gallery Westerkade, Leeuwarden

Nice Price Art Festival - sales exhibition | Gallery Westerkade, Leeuwarden

Artleader online art gallery - Permanent online exhibition

Museum Heerenveen - Ùs Ferlosser, group exhibition
Museum Heerenveen - Ùs Ferlosser, group exhibition
Artleader, online art gallery - Permanent online exhibition

FRIA 35 jaar - Jubileum Expositie -group exhibition

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